For years I have had the desire to go to Auschwitz one day. To feel and taste what has happened. Last week I decided to go there and drove to Poland with my brother, sister in law and eldest son. We arrived at 8:00 at the gate of the Destruction Camp Auschwitz-Birkenau and went inside. Many buildings, barracks, photos, stories, impressions and emotions, made me silent. Auschwitz has 3 locations and after Auschwitz 1 we went to Auschwitz 2 by bus. Auschwitz 2 is huge and wide, this camp was actually the big Nazi extermination camp. You must have seen this by yourself to get an impression.

What touched me the most is the following: At one point we were in a section where demolished gas chambers can be seen. We walked through “the forest” and the remains of “Kanada” (if you want to know what this means use Google).
There were very few people here. When I read an information board, a whole group of people suddenly stood behind me. I turned around and saw a group of young people with Kippahs and Israeli flags. Without thinking, I went to one of the men and asked: “Are you Israëli?” He said: “Yes,” and I asked if I could give him a hug. Something broke in me and I burst to tears. In 2006, I was in Israël for the first time and had the same experience, a huge compassion and love for the Jewish people. The idea of embracing a Jewish man in this place, where more than a million family members were killed in a terrible way, made me almost unable to speak anymore. All remains, stones, concrete, rails are visible witnesses of darkness and hell on earth, but this man is living proof that God has the last word and overcomes darkness and dead. I could hardly speak but I still managed to say: “You’re my brother, I’m so sorry! I love you man “. He asked where I came from? I am from the Netherlands and we stand behind Israel and want to support you as much as possible. The rest of the group saw my tears, sincere sorrow and love for the Jewish people.

What harm have many people done to the Jewish people, and continue to do untill this day? I once heard a Jewish woman cry: “God has rejected us. ”

This is not true!!!

God has a plan with the Jewish people and everyone else, including you! Submit to that one Jewish man who paid your and my debt. With a lump in the throat we returned home with a renewed passion and compassion with the world and its inhabitants.

The future begins with His story!

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