3 thoughts on “JIJ BENT PRACHTIG!

  1. Don Dekker schreef:

    I think you are doing great work , working with young people and teenagers. They are the future of the church and the world. I pray that you will help keep the light shining in this dark world.

    1. Onne de Vries schreef:

      thank you very much! do i know you? what is you're passion?
      greetings Onne

      1. Don Dekker schreef:

        Thank you for replying to my E-mail. No,you don't know me. I live in the US. (Please don't hold that against me.) It all started when I was looking at Facebook pages of people in the Netherlands looking for possible relatives and to learn more about the Netherlands. Somehow I came across your FB page and I saw that you work for a religious organization. That caught my attention and I started reading. I'm glad to see there are people working with and standing up for children and young people. I'm surprised you have so many events for teens.

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